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In the late spring of 2008, Elizabeth and Peter Moffat drove down through California on vacation from their home in Canada. They kept an extensive and informative blog, chronicling the journey. Below is an excerpt from their time in Santa Cruz meeting with "The Wienie Man", Vince Tuzzi.

One of the ukulele songs I've sung since my childhood, is "I know a wienie man." Forgive us the sharing of these lyrics, but you'll see why later:
I know a wienie man
He owns a wienie stand
He'll sell you anything from hot dogs on down.
Someday I'll share his life,
I'll be his wienie wife..
"Hotdogs" I love that wienie man!

After a lifetime, we finally found the real hot dog selling, ukulele playing Wienie Man on the wharf at Santa Cruz! Unbelievable! You saw him strumming and singing a song earlier in this chapter. Couldn't help but share my little song with him, it was so apropos. Only later did I see his CD's on sale and realize I'd been teaching a pro. Meet Vince Tuzzi, a great musician and hot dog salesman who also entertains on occasion at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz. Below, a bit of mutual entertainment...

Now, below .. we all stand with the real 'Wienie Wife', Margie. Thanks, you two. What a hoot!

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